Rock People are a Race tthat reside on Advent.  They arer closley related to the Heems and the Forrest Folk except for a vast change in culture and differences in evolution.  The Rock People live like Savages and idiolize battle and chaos in both fair fights and unfair lynchings.

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The Rock People are a very Savage Race.  They hold Gladiator esque Battles in the Grand Colleseum.  They have an extremist point of view and consider the life andd family you are born into to be your sentence in life and how you would live it.  The Rich live considerably better than the Poor who will stay that way for the rest of their lives.  It is very much a dog eat dog world in their society.

Every single citizen of the richer walks of life are trained like warriors to fight in glorious battle, especially men.  The much poorer citizens are often forced into slave labour and miss out on conventions forms of training but are sadly put out as the first to fight and die in war.

Their form of living stems from hard labour.  The poor live in mud huts in filthy environments, through the economic change, the form of living only improves into grand scale castles and more luxary where poor people may become slaves or help to their Masters.

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