Rattions are a race that reside on Advent.  They evolved from the common Rat and grew into a lower life form.  Acting as Thugs, Muscle or even Mercenaries to higher causes, the Rattions are Advent's vermin that often cause trouble for every race.

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Not hailing from their own Land or Cities, the Rattions reside in Advent like vermin.  The Rattions can be found in the lowest Slums and Bars of Advent's many Cities, worming their way into civilizations.

The Rattions will happily work for the highest bidder which leads to them becoming a common enemy to the many races of Advent.

The Rattions have also always been in close contact with the Mole People, aiding them whenever required to.  It is unknown how this friendship formed but it is believed they have a common goal in obtaining power.

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