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They live really, really deep in the depths oof the Ocean.  They were once in close dealings with the Cyborgs and would often come to their aid.  They were eventually betrayed by the Cyborgs who demmanded more and more wealth from them and required their Ocean Kingdoms to be used for Drilling Expeditions.  The Cyborgs required the Amara's Pearls as Treasures which unknown to the Cyborgs was actually the Amara's Children.

Since then the Amara withdrew from the Cyborg's grasp and closed themselves off from Advent's Land and returned to their Ocean Kingdoms where they plotted and plotted their revenge against the Cyborgs.  They are mostly unknown to the civilized world and are actually believed to be just a myth.

They live in great underwater Kingdoms where everyone is treated equally.  They are a very religous which leads them to elect High Priests.

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